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General Details
Name Mark [Paul] Kamichoff
Electronic Mail
AOL Instant Messenger Prolixium2
IRC prox on EFnet (, freenode ( and OFTC (
Twitter Prolixium
Ethnicity 50% Ukrainian, 25% Puerto Rican, 25% Spanish
Hobbies Computers, Computer Networking, [Trance] Music, Swimming
Occupation Network Architect
Hometown North Brunswick, New Jersey, United States
Television Shows Homeland, The Office, The Big Bang Theory, Star Trek { TNG, DS9 }, Stargate { SG-1, Atlantis }, 24, Seinfeld, Battlestar Galactica, Scrubs, seaQuest DSV, Smallville, The X-Files
Books Recently Read
Books I'm Reading
Books Queued
Music Genres Trance, Pop, Hip hop
Music Artists Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, Dan Stone, Taylor Swift, Paul van Dyk, Daniel Kandi, Jewel, Nitrous Oxide, Giuseppe Otiavianni, John O'Callaghan, The Corrs
Religion Christian (traditionally Baptist)
Swimming Event 100 yard freestyle (fastest time is 55.40 seconds)
Political Party Moderate (sometimes leaning toward the left on some issues, far on the right for others)
Favorite Author Michael Crichton
Technical Preferences
Computer Architecture x86_64 / amd64
Operating System(s) Linux, FreeBSD
Linux Distribution Debian GNU/Linux
Unix Shell Zsh
Unix Editor Vim
IRC Client Irssi
X11 Window Manager Xfce (previously Window Maker)
X11 Audio Player Audacious
X11 Video Player MPlayer, VLC
X11 Lock XLock
Software Firewall pf
Pager less
Interior Gateway Protocol OSPF
Network Vendor Juniper Networks
Programming Language(s) PHP, Perl, C, Python