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I'm not a real programmer, but I've written some code over the years that can be considered useful.  Most of the recent code I've written is in the form of patches to existing software that add features or fix things.  Some of the older projects were written back at RPIExternal Content for a class or two.  Rather than go into detail here, you may use the following link to browse the source code, which has descriptions next to each project.

Featured Projects
  • LG-VL600 patchesExternal Content: A Linux kernel patch that adds IPv6 support to the LG-VL600 USB LTE modem driver
  • ipinExternal Content: A utility that displays various IPv4 and IPv6 information (prefix, origin, PTRs, etc.)
  • proxtabsExternal Content: A Firefox extension that opens your homepage in each new tab and optionally resets window dimensions
  • MTR patchesExternal Content: Patches that add UDP support and ICMP extension decoding to MTR
  • MRTG remote statisticsExternal Content: Gathers statistics not typically provided by SNMP
  • DNS ScannerExternal Content: Scans an IPv4 network range and looks up A and PTR resource records
  • SNMP Traffic GrapherExternal Content: Polls a host via SNMP and displays interface traffic graphs
  • Network SummarizerExternal Content: Summarizes a list of IPv4 networks in CIDR notation
  • Computer Graphics Final ProjectExternal Content: An interactive Star Wars simulation that uses OpenGL