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D-Link DWL-900AP Hacking

Upon realizing that my main access point, a D-Link DWL-900AP+, was biting the dust (it kept resetting every five minutes), I searched through some old computer parts and found an old D-Link DWL-900AP that I had used in the past.  I had originally bought the DWL-900AP+ for school, and was using it again at home again since it had a web-based interface, instead of a proprietory SNMP interface.  However, before I replaced the new AP with the old one, I figured I would look inside.

Once I saw the inner workings of both access points, I decided to add an antenna to the DWL-900AP, using some parts from the DWL-900AP+, specifically the antenna connector.  Since both units shared the same connector, it was an easy job.

Here are some pictures of both access points, with and without the cover.

DWL-900AP+ DWL-900AP
DWL-900AP+ inside DWL-900AP inside

The DWL-900AP (on the right), being an older model, didn't have a PCMCIA card and adapter.  I unsoldered the antenna connector on the DWL-900AP+ and the wire connected to the 2nd antenna connection on the DWL-900AP.  Then I soldered the antenna connector from the DWL-900AP+ to the system board on the DWL-900AP.  It was a little long, but it would do just fine.

DWL-900AP+ antenna connector DWL-900AP antenna connector soldered

I then drilled another hole in the DWL-900AP plastic case for the additional antenna connector.  Ok, my dad helped me with this, I'm no good at drilling.  I put the case back on, and it booted up like a charm.  Hopefully I'll get some improved performance with both antennas connected, now.  I haven't tested this out yet, though.

DWL-900AP case DWL-900AP done

Ah, the finished product.  Maybe I'll spraypaint the grey antenna a black color, so it matches.

DWL-900AP case