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Posted by prox, from Seattle, on September 08, 2018 at 14:24 local (server) time

In the mid-1990s my friends used to brag about how many TVs their family had, how many cars they owned, and, in general, how much stuff they had.  I'll admit that I used to brag about how many computers I had or how I connected to AOL over a LAN connection.  All of this was annoying.

Things are a bit different in 2018 but ultimately the same.  Instead of bragging about how much stuff people have they now brag about how much stuff they don't have.  Here are the typical statements I hear people periodically brag about, at least around the PNW:

The no-car and no-TV statements I hear most often and they're usually stated out of context.  These all don't bother me much because I'm an adult but every once and awhile it gets really annoying (hence this blog post).  Maybe I should counter these by bragging about my wife and I having no kids.

Tasteless?  Maybe.

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