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> iOS 11 Sucks
Posted by prox, from Seattle, on October 25, 2017 at 00:18 local (server) time

Warning: Whiny rant below!

I hate iOS 11.  There's nothing I like about it.  It makes my iPad (2017 model, 7th generation, whatever you want to call it) much more difficult to use and provides me absolutely no benefits over iOS 10.

Here's a list of useful applications that are no longer supported since they're 32-bit only (indirectly, this is Apple's fault):

Also, there's a bug in iTunes 12.7 that results in all of the tracks from my legally-purchased (albeit manually tagged) music showing up as separate albums.  Yes, that makes browsing music by album fairly useless.  Other folks are suffering from the same problem but the only solution seems to be to downgrade iTunes, something I can't do because older versions don't support my iPad.

The one thing they could have done for me is to allow location services to be toggled from the control center.  But nope, that's not part of the available toggles that can be customized.  Figures, since Apple wants that to stay on 24x7.


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