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djbdns-1.05-ipv6-recursive-prox.diff.gz - patch for ipv6 & recursive queries
djbdns-1.05-ipv6-recursive-prox.tar.gz - full patched source for (see above)
djbdns-1.05-ipv6-recursive-verisign-prox.diff - patch for -prox release, with
	the verisign NXDOMAIN ignoring
djbdns-1.05-ipv6-recursive-errno-prox.tar.gz - full patched source for
	ipv6, recursive queries, errno
djbdns-1.05-errno.diff - patch for the libc errno

The VeriSign patch had the following comments by the author:

> This patch changes djbdns's dnscache program so that it will ignore the
> IP address given in the IGNOREIP environment variable.  I wrote this
> patch because of Verisign's oh-so helpful wildcard A records for *.COM
> and *.NET.  Install the patch like this:
>     patch      svc -d /service/dnscache
>     make setup check
>     svc -u /service/dnscache
> Configure it to ignore Verisign's wildcard record like this:
>     echo >/service/dnscache/env/IGNOREIP
>     svc -t /service/dnscache
> If IGNOREIP isn't found in the environment variable space, nothing is
> ignored.
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When implementing djbdns and dnscache on the network, I ran into a
situation which involved two dnscache services exchanging queries.  Since
dnscache will not respond to non-recursive queries, and dnscache itself only
sends out non-recursive queries for zones in root/servers/*, a patch was

I merged IPv6 patches from:
and the caches/servers patch from:

These patches cannot be applied separately.

This adds IPv6 support and instructs dnscache to search in root/servers/* for
zones to forward queries for recursively.  root/servers/* will still be
processed, and the queries for those zones will be non-recursive.

If duplicate zones exist in both root/servers and root/caches, the
root/servers entry will override the root/caches entry.

I take no credit for this software, just merging the patches.

Mark Kamichoff (